Haram is situated north of Ålesund and is the northernmost municipality in the area called Sunnmøre. With an area of 262 km2 the municipality is spread over a large mainland area with several small villages and the administrative centre of Brattvåg.

It is also covering a group of four large islands called the North islands.  Haram is one of the largest municipalities in Møre and Romsdal county with its 9084 inhabitants (in 2014). The landscape is characterised by settlements along the coast and steep terrain rising up against the mountains around 1000 metres above sea level. The different villages each have their characteristics as well as beautiful nature with the ocean, mountains, seas and large lakes. The municipality’s name derives from the island Haramsøya, where the first main church was built in the 12th century.

Haram is one of the most important industrial municipalities in Sunnmøre. Industry is the main activity, and about half of the 4000 jobs in the municipality are within industry.  The engineering industry is dominating and is the basis for the strong maritime environment in the municipality. This environment is again an important part of the maritime cluster in Sunnmøre. The companies in the municipality are all part of a network of contractors and subcontractors purchasing services and goods from each other, as well as delivering services to other clients globally. The main actors in this environment are Rolls-Royce Marine with two divisions and the VARD Group with shipbuilding activities on several locations. Because of its solid position, the maritime environment in Haram is important for the settlement and activity in the municipality. The industry is competing with both international and national actors for contracts from national and international employers. In addition, there are several businesses within wood products, graphic design and the marine sectors. The neighbouring municipality is Ålesund, and this makes Haram part of a larger housing and labour market, and there is a substantial commuting both to and from the municipality.

Culture has been an area of focus for Haram the past few years. Two new cultural centres and many voluntary groups and organisations make Haram a municipality with a vibrant cultural life. There are also lots of possibilities for a variety of outdoor activities.

Visit Haram and experience how the ocean hits the white rocks – and feel in touch with the elements. In many places, the Atlantic Ocean has created sculptures of giant’s kettles and caves. Haram is also filled with historical monuments, like burial mounds from the Viking age and beautiful lighthouses. The North islands are situated like pearls on a string along the coast and are the perfect location for sightseeing by bike.

For mountain hikers there are many mountains and summits to climb, with varying difficulty. Many hiking trails in the mountains and along the coast have been set up by the sports clubs in the area.  During winter there are great areas for skiing, especially on the mainland. In addition, you can find many lakes and rivers suitable for fishing in Haram, and the sea between the mainland and the North islands is one of the best places in the district for fishing.

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