Fedje is an island municipality located in the north of Hordaland. It is also the westernmost municipality of Norway. The municipality consists of a main island (Fedje) and more than 100 small islands and islets, which together amount to 9,4km². There are no bridge connection between Fedje and the mainland, and the 600 inhabitants are dependent on a ferry to get there.

The main industry has historically been fisheries, but now the situation is more diverse. Today the municipality has a smokery, mechanical industry, a security centre, a traffic centre and a maritime pilot station. Furthermore, the municipality still has concession for whale hunting, which is putting an exotic touch to the community during the hunting season. The growing tourism industryalso contributes to the community.

The nature on Fedje is characterized by a windswept landscape and only small amounts of forest, but it has an eventful history. There are traces of agricultural economy from more than 4000 years ago, where the landscape was changed from forest to moorlands and mire. Outside Fedje there is a sunken German submarine, “U 864”, from the Second World War.

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