Høyanger is a municipality and a village in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, with about 4200 inhabitants.

Høyanger has an interesting history which includes visionary industrialists and strong political tensions between farming communities and radical newcomers. Today, the municipality is developed around aluminum industry, and important employers are Hydro Aluminium, Funda AS and the Kværner Group. Besides the aluminum industry, small industries, retail and the service sector, agriculture is the most important activity in the settlements along the fjord.

The municipality is currently going through a transformation process. This is related to changes in the aluminum production in Høyanger, where the old and polluting part of the production was closed. The modern production continues, and is today one of the most efficient aluminum plants in Europe.

The nature in the area is dramatic and beautiful, and in 2007, National Geographic named Høyanger the best world heritage site.

Høyanger Næringsutvikling AS has made a movie about Høyanger. You can watch it here.

More information about the municipality can be found on Høyanger’s website.

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