Vest-Norges Brusselkontor mottar jevnlig partnersøk fra vårt europeiske nettverk. Aktuelle partnersøk for våre medlemmer vil legges ut fortløpende på denne siden.

Ønsker du mer informasjon om et partnersøk kan du ta kontakt med oss på

Aalborg municipality (secondary school) is looking for partners for mobility exchanges (KA1). The deadline for Expression of Interest is 04/05/2021 – 12:00.

Aalborg municipality (third largest in Denmark) is looking for highly qualified primary and lower secondary schools willing to host a smaller group for job shadowing and best practice learning and reflections/talks concerning subjects, pedagogy, and didactics development within:

  • STEM
  • Outdoor teaching
  • Arts

Their aim is to achieve more qualified teaching and learning within these three topics for the age groups 6-16 years old. They would like to expand the amount of outdoor teaching, STEM and Arts on all schools as elements to give priority whenever possible. They also aim to develop all teachers’ didactic competences within these three topics.

They would be honored if you would open your institution once again and welcome a little group of Danish school representatives and even a few students. If you have any recommendations for other institutions to visit, they will appreciate to receive any information.


  • When: 2-3 days pr. group next school year 2021-2022
  • How many: 2-10 teachers/principals pr. group.
  • Age: 6-16 years olds

We expect

  • A three day lesson plan / program taking us through a variety of job shadowing + skills development within the theme
  • A contact person
  • A video meeting ahead of time

We appreciate

  • Any cultural guidance
  • A visit to a private home
  • A chance to tell your students about Denmark
  • Lunch possibility

If you would like to invite us for a visit and hopefully a further collaboration in a partnership or through Erasmus+ or eTwinning, we would very much like to hear from you. Of course, we would like to host you as well.

We have a deadline on May 11th. Please answer these questions by May 4th if you would like us to come next school year 2021-2022. We will make sure to cover any expenses you have due to our stay. We will contact you later in order to plan all details. Please, we will be happy to answer any questions

Project Budget:
We will make sure to cover any expenses you have due to our stay

Contact person:

Ann Katrine Rannested

SOSU (health sector VET) in Denmark is looking for partners for mobility exchanges (KA1). The deadline for Expression of Interest is 05/05/2021.

SOSU Nord works with internationalization, including international exchange of students and staff. Until now, they have primarily worked with foreign partners in the somatic field and the pedagogical field.

They now want to focus on the psychiatric area, which is a central part of the Danish education for Social and Health Assistants. They therefore want a partner school in Sweden, Norway or Swedish-speaking Finland, with which they can exchange knowledge and experience as well as collaborate on sending employees and students on exchanges, job shadowing and internships.

The focus of the partnership is psychiatric nursing and rehabilitation in the cohesive health care system.

SOSU Nord is engaged in internationalization, e.g. international exchange of both employees and students. So far, they have primarily engaged in international partnerships in the somatic field and in the pedagogical field.

However, they now wish to focus on the psychiatric field, as this is an essential part of the education to become Social- and Healthcare Assistant. They are thus searching for a partner school in Sweden, Norway or Swedish speaking Finland to exchange knowledge, experience and best practice and with whom we can collaborate to send employees and students to do job shadowing and work placement.

Focus on the partnership will be Psychiatric nursing and rehabilitation in the coherent healthcare system.

Furthermore are they searching for VET partners within the following
educations: Social- and Healthcare Helper, Social- and Healthcare Assistant, Pedagogic Assistant.

they wish to collaborate on exchange of best practice, job shadowing, work placement. Both staff and employee mobilities.

Contact person:

Jacob Munch Jensen