Gloppen is a municipality in the county Sogn og Fjordane. The municipality is surrounded by six other municipalities: Eid, Stryn, Jølster, Naustdal, Flora and Bremnanger. Gloppen has about 5800 inhabitants, where 2000 of them are living within or around Sandane, which is the municipal centre. The municipality is naturally divided in three parts, with Sandane and the villages Byrkjelo and Hyen.

With more than 700 man-hours related to agriculture, Gloppen is the biggest agricultural municipality in the county. The municipality is responsible for about 10% of the milk production in Sogn og Fjordane, and the dairy Tine Meierier Vest BA, which is one of the most important employers in the municipality, is located in Byrkjelo.

There is also a significant amount of hydropower in Gloppen, and the municipality hosts the headquarter of the power company Sogn og Fjordane Energi AS. There are also several other important businesses in the municipality.

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