Fjaler Municipality – an open local community

Welcome to Fjaler: A municipality in the centre of the world!

Fjaler is a municipality in Sogn of Fjordane county. It is located on the south bank of the fjord, Dalsfjorden and has 2800 inhabitants. Dale is the administrative centre of Fjaler.

A wide range of different leisure activities, good local schools and kindergarten, makes Fjaler a good place both to grow up and live in.  People in Fjaler are proud of their cultural heritage and wants to preserve it, but Fjaler also has a long tradition of opening up to the outside world and accepting people from other countries and cultures.  Red Cross United World College, the Nordic Artists’ Centre and European exchange programmes for young people, all gives Fjaler an international dimension and its businesses a unique network.  There is a strong potential for new and exciting projects. This variety is part of what makes Fjaler an exciting, open and including place to live.

Jakob Sande was born and raised in Dale and became one of Norway’s most beloved poets. He wrote about Vesle Daniel (Little Daniel) who went out into the world and returned having “seen more than most mortals”. This serves as a background for Fjaler wanting more international cooperation in the future.

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