Øygarden municipality is an archipelago in the North Sea, surrounded by fjords. The administration center in Øygarden is divided between Tjeldstø and Rong.

The connection between the bigger islands in the municipality and the mainland was established in the 1980s. The easier access to the mainland, combined with the development of petroleum activities, has contributed to an increasing population in Øygarden. The population is now about 4900 citizens.

The petroleum industry in Øygarden started in 1988, when the pipeline from the Oseberg oil field was constructed. The gas processing plant in Kollsnes was finished in 1996, and is now very important for the economy. Traditionally, fishing and agriculture have been the main industries in the municipality. Today fish farming plays a bigger role than traditional fishing, and Øygarden is now considered one of the most important in Hordaland County when it comes to fish farming. The farmers in the municipality nowadays often combine their job with different professions. The business park in Kollsnes is representing the municipality’s commitment to new technology.

Together with the municipalities Fjell and Sund, Øygarden is chosen by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage to be a part of a pilot project. The purpose is to develop business activities by restoration of old buildings. The municipality does also emphasize outdoors activities, and offers a variety of hiking trails.

Archaeological excavations in Øygarden have revealed thousands of years old settlements. Some findings even indicate that people lived there 12000 – in the Stone Age.

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