Førde, situated in beautiful surroundings on the western coast of Norway, is the largest municipality in the county of Sogn og Fjordane and counts 13 000 inhabitants.

Centrally located in the region it connects with Oslo and Bergen through Bringeland airport, and E39 as the main highway through the western part of Norway.  The city is a regional hub for a larger population of 35 000 people, whom many find their place of work in Førde. The largest industry is public and private services, where the regional hospital is the greatest employer with approximately 1 400 employees.  Construction, agriculture, IT and media are also significant industries of the municipality.

The city also has a rich and diverse scene for culture; hosting the annual Førdefestivalen – the largest festival for traditional and world music in Scandinavia, presenting 300 artists from all over the world.

On 1. January 2020, the neighboring municipalities of Førde, Naustdal, Gaular, and Jølster are scheduled to merge into one large municipality called Sunnfjord.

Read more about Førde at their official website.

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