Voss – a village for intense experiences

Voss is a regional hub in development

Centrally placed in the county of Hordaland and in the heart of “Fjord Norway”, Voss is regional centre between Hardanger and Sogn, between east and west, and for both busses and trains in the region. Both the train and the E16 between Oslo and Bergen go through Voss. The municipality is a regional school- and business center. Voss is not far from Bergen, and the new Hardanger Bridge, and the Vang tunnel have strengthened the region since 2013.

The largest industries in the municipality are public services, trade, tourism and farming. There is a broad cooperation between the local companies and the public sector. The newly established “Næringshagen” in Voss will build on this cooperation to stimulate creativity and innovation in the Voss region.

Voss is well located between two fjords, the Hardangerfjord and the Sognefjord, and there is great potential for further development when it comes to tourism. Improvement of the infrastructure in the area has made it more attractive to settle in Voss and its surrounding areas. With the short distance to Bergen, Voss will also be challenged to play their part when handling the expected population growth in the Bergen region.

When the residents in the village are not working, they are enjoying the nature and the landscape surrounding Voss.  The nature in the region invites to excellent experiences both in the summer and winter season. Voss has something to offer for all ages – for the active ones and those who just want to relax and enjoy life.

From bunad to jazz club

A rich and diverse cultural life contributes to development, experiences and to simply enjoy life. Voss has a diverse offer when it comes to culture, with art galleries, a symphony orchestra, a jazz club and old traditions when it comes to the national costume (the bunad), and our local type of violin – the “Hardanger fiddle”.

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