Ålesund is a municipality in the county of Møre og Romsdal. From the 1st of January 2020 Haram, Sandøy, Skodje, Ørskog and Ålesund merged together to create a new municipality. Ålesund remained as the name of the new municipality. After the merge, Ålesund has a population of approximately 65 000 inhabitants.

Where the former Ålesund had a area of 98 square kilometres, the new formation has been multiplied to 608 square kilometres from 2020 on. Ålesund is the region centre for the whole of Sunnmøre and is an important harbour for export. Some of the goods are fish, fishingproducts, engineering products and furniture.

In Ålesund you will also find NTNU Ålesund, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. With departments of engineering and maritime subjects, electrophysics and health sciences, the university has a lot to offer.

Characteristic for Ålesund is settlement along the sea, and steep terrain. The villages have beautiful natural areas with ocean, mountains, and sea.

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