Leikanger municipality is located in the middle of the «Sognefjorden», and is the main administrative centre of Sogn og Fjordane county.

The municipality has approximately 2300 inhabitants. It is the main administrative centre of Sogn og Fjordane county, and holds the main administrative bodies of the county in addition to some governmental agencies.

From 1. January 2020, Leikanger vill be merged with Balestrand and Sogndal municipalities. The new municipality will be namned Sogndal, after the largest municipality of the three.

From the same date, Sogn og Fjordane county will be merged with Hordaland county and together they will make Vestland county. Leikanger will keep it’s position as one of the main administrative centres of the new county.

Growth of berries and fruits together with products made from these, is an integral part of the economy in Leikanger. This is reflected in Leikanger’s coat of arms, which shows an apple tree branch with three leaves. This symbols the many orchards in the area.

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